About Us

When the Cooper Family decided to start their own small business in 2004, they wanted to incorporate their love of animals and their passion for helping people and the environment. Leonard Cooper is a former wildlife field supervisor with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, while his son, L.J. has years of experience in the funeral industry. Jane Cooper, Leonard’s wife, was an elementary school teacher for 30 years. The Coopers’ love for animals, along with L.J.’s funeral experience led them to open All Pets Great & Small Cremation Service in Mesa, Arizona.

Always having many pets around their home, the family realized that when people lose a pet, they need help, nurturing and understanding. When Leonard Cooper was working with the Arizona Game & Fish Department, he even brought home eagles, hawks and baby javelinas to help them get rehabilitated! So to this day they are committed at All Pets Great & Small Cremation Service to helping people in these difficult situations. They do this through the “respectful and gentle handling” of pets and their owners.

All Pets serves the entire Valley. Your pet will be transported to our modern 3500 sq. ft. indoor pet crematory, with the latest cremation equipment. There is parking conveniently located in front of our suite. Because we know you want your pet to be given special care, we offer a variety of services to accommodate your needs. Whether you choose our least expensive or most expensive service, rest assured, your pet will be handled with the same sense of gentle care. We are open to the public so people can be with their pet companions and be able to make decisions about the cremation.

As a wildlife biologist and teacher, we have a passionate interest in the future of our environment and we want to do our part to ensure “Mother Earth” can meet the needs of people and animals for future generations. Therefore, our facility exceeds all EPA standards.